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It’s always a disconcerting feeling when you’re stranded far from home with limited vehicle access, or not at all. When a mishap occurs on the road, sometimes you’re faced with issues like retrieving locked keys in the trunk, car key replacement for lost or broken keys, or transponder key programming. Whatever the situation is, it could be made worse by the time of day, inclement weather, or being in a strange neighborhood.  

24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service  

That’s why East Tremont NY Locksmith Store makes it a particular specialty of ours to provide automotive locksmith services for all our clients in the East Tremont area, 24 x 7, 365 days a year. Motorists driving around the Bronx area can have peace of mind, knowing that our technicians are patrolling the area constantly, ready to provide fast service and get you back on the road again.  

Our East Tremont NY Locksmith Store specialists are always ready to provide expert automotive locksmith service to you, arriving in fully equipped service vans which have all the equipment and tools necessary to resolve problems both simple and complex. Best of all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that our pricing for these on-demand services is very reasonable and manageable.  

Trunk Locks  

If you’ve been in an accident on the road, chances are you’ll find that your trunk has become jammed or broken, and that you no longer have access to materials inside. If this happens to you, East Tremont NY Locksmith Store technicians can quickly restore access to your trunk, using tools and equipment from our mobile locksmith workshops, which can be brought to your location wherever you happen to be.  

Jammed Ignition  

Sometimes your ignition can become jammed or inoperable, especially when your car key has been broken off inside the ignition. Since this will render your vehicle unusable, your best option is to call us at East Tremont NY Locksmith Store so our highly skilled automotive locksmith technicians can resolve the problem and restore your vehicle to drivability.  

We Make Car Keys  

Losing your car keys while you’re driving about will cause you to become stranded wherever you happen to be, and you will require car key replacement to get you back on the road again. One of our technicians is constantly patrolling the East Tremont area, ready to provide fast service for just such situations. Whether you have a standard key or a transponder key, new keys and extra keys can be quickly made for you, so that you’re ready to drive again. Our service is the fastest and most professional for new car key cutting.  

Our expert automotive locksmith technicians at East Tremont NY Locksmith Store provide the most professional workmanship and the most superior customer service of any locksmith service in the area. Because of their total dedication to high-quality service, we are able to provide clients in the East Tremont area with unparalleled locksmith service.

Call our hotline any time of day for such services as making duplicate car keys, car lockout services, or luxury automotive assistance.


East Tremont NY Locksmith Store, Bronx, NY 718-732-1066